The Order of the Gauntlet was formed to destroy evil in the world at large. Its core members were clerics and paladins. These religious paragons were united in ideals from the faiths of Tyr, Helm, Torm, and Hoar.[citation needed]


Members of the Order were staunch comrades, never failing to trust in each other completely. The clerics and paladins strove for excellence in everything they did, and were not afraid to fight evil. It was very uncommon to see a lone member of the Order as they almost always traveled in groups. They kept a close eye on any potential threats, and stood ready to stop any aggression.[citation needed]


The Order was clear on its methods, and it would never preemptively attack an opponent. They always stood against evil foes in decisive unity, striking hard and not waiting for the approval of local leaders.[citation needed]

The Order used faith in its stand against evil. This faith ranged from believing in one's personal god, close friends, and oneself. They believed evil must be dealt with, it could not be ignored. They would not punish someone who had not committed an evil act, and believed that just thinking a bad thought was not a punishable offense.[1]

In 1491 DR, the Order attempted to cultivate more political influence in the Western Sumber Hills region. They sought alliances with leaders including the Waterbaron of Yartar.[2]

The Order established a presence in Chult in the late 15th century DR, along the River Soshenstar, so as to rid the jungle of the undead infestation. They first settled in Camp Righteous, near a Chultan shrine, until it was taken over by undead creatures, then in Camp Vengeance, further up the river, near the Aldani Basin. The leader of the 50-men expedition is Niles Breakbone.[3]


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