The Order of the Shooting Star was an order of rangers dedicated to Mystra, goddess of magic.[1][2][3] A member of the order was known as a Shooting Star.[4]


The Order of the Shooting Star was sponsored by the church of Mystra.[1] They were closely allied with, or even a suborganization of, the Knights of the Mystic Fire.[2][3] [note 1]

Like the Knights, they worked in small groups; it was rare to find more than a dozen in any one place.[3]


The Shooting Stars operated as long-range scouts and spies on behalf of the church of Mystra. In particular, they hunted and dealt with magical, monstrous threats to the natural order of the world, like rogue fiends, rampaging monsters, and creatures created by reckless magical experiments.[1][4][3]


Mystra granted divine magic to the rangers of the order.[1] However, they also studied arcane magic.[3] As such, the Shooting Star had a closer affinity with arcane magic, potentially being able to cast arcane spells and having an increased capacity for magic. They could also learn invisibility and word of recall. Using an ability called "Weavespeak", a Shooting Star could also communicate their findings to the nearest cleric, paladin, or fellow ranger of Mystra, over any distance, by transmitting short messages over the Weave.[4]



  1. Faiths & Avatars presents the Knights of the Mystic Fire and the Order of the Shooting Star as separate organizations each sponsored by the church. Champions of Valor, page 34, says they are closely allied, while page 102 discusses them together and says the rangers of the Order are members of the Knights, suggesting they are a sub-organization.


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