The Order of the Sun Soul was a monastic order that, during the time of Netheril, worshiped the god Amaunator as the Brotherhood of the Sun.[1]


When Netheril fell, the order survived, though their god seemed not to have. Individual monasteries began worshiping other gods. Most took the logical choice to begin worship of Lathander, others Selûne and a minority also began worship of Sune. Over time they themselves forgot Amaunator but the order always kept the same goal of serving the common folk of Faerûn.[1]


The order was widespread but their largest monastery was the Monastery of the Sun in Waterdeep. It was set up there because of its proximity to temples of Lathander, Selûne and Sune. The heads of these temples condemn the monastery as heretical due to the abbot Hanor Kichavo's belief that Amaunator had become a tri-partite deity like Angharradh of the Seldarine and Lathander, Selûne and Sune were his aspects (this is, of course, not true although Kichavo honestly believes it to be). Although his preaching gained him the ire of these temples, it also made him the most widely recognized and respected person amongst the order as a whole.[1]


  • Joining the order was free
  • Fees 3 gp per month

Notable membersEdit

Hanor Kichavo
Head of the order


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