Oreal Nanther was the heir of House Nanther in Melvaunt in 1372 DR.[2]


Oreal was undergoing training as a ranger but with little conviction.[2]


In 1372 DR, he secretly met with his friends Argens Bruil, Kalman Leiyraghon, Kara Calaudra, and Elaint Marsk and they planned to go adventuring, with the support of the dwarf mercenary Dorn Crownshield.[2]

They found a treasure map (in truth, a trap devised by Bremen Leiyraghon) and went to adventure in Thar, only to be captured by the orog Daazlag and his orc minions.[3]

Oreal was imprisoned in a cave in the Xûl-Jarak citadel with all his friends.[4]

Oreal was rescued by an adventuring party hired by his father Woarsten Nanther.[5]


Oreal was a carefree, spoiled, and reckless individual. He believed that the young generation would abolish the division between great houses of Melvaunt. Oreal was also too trusting.[2]