Orion of Calimshan, under the alias of Clive the Fearsome, was the leader of a sizeable pirate band based out of the planet Garden in Realmspace in the late 14th century DR.[1]


Orion was both strong and intelligent—exceptionally so on both counts—which made him a formidable opponent. However, few considered him a very attractive man.[1]


As Clive the Fearless, Orion led a band of about one hundred pirates[1] from Clive's Den,[2] one of the several pirate coves located deep within the planet's asteroid cluster at the roots of Yggdrasil's Child.[1]


Clive was in command of a pirate fleet of a dozen small spelljammers, each with a tonnage less than 50.[1]


Orion became the eleventh Clive the Fearsome sometime before 1352 DR, when the previous Clive retired from service and appointed Orion as his replacement.[1]

Clive the Fearsome2-PoR

Clive the Fearsome handing some spelljamming adventurers a star map.

Sometime after 1360 DR, the neogi had developed a new mobile space station within Realmspace, which garnered the concern of the leaders of several spaceports, including Hisssta, Umberguard, and Waterdeep. These governments hired the aid of some spelljamming adventures to quell the threat.[2]

Clive, too, grew concerned, as the neogi threat was bad for his "business". He also contacted the same adventurers and offered them a star map to the location of a derelict dwarven citadel, which he believed to contain the treasure of Drach Barrachas. The offer was given with no strings attached; Clive simply wanted the adventurers to have the funds to succeed at defeating the neogi.[2]


It was rumored that Clive killed anyone who did not finish a task assigned to them.[2] In truth, Clive would never waste a good man, but piracy was a dangerous life, and so his crews had a high turnover rate nevertheless.[1]




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