"This horrific serpentine demon shares two humanoid atop a single coiling body. Each torso weaves a set of six humanoid arms, all clutching cruel scimitars. The monster's two baboon-like heads glower menacingly, their eyes beady and bright with hate." ~ Dungeon Magazine 146#

Legends of the birth of the Orlath come from that the great Prince of demons battling a powerful marilith. As the marilith died, several of the teeth from the prince got dislodged from him and stuck in the corpse. After a century the body split open and gave birth of the first Orlath.

Like the yachlols, Orlath demons are not members of a demonic race like the Tanar'ri or the Obyriths They are more akin to their own race, a race shaped by and for Demogorgon himself. The Orlath's ability to assume humanoid form, combined with its silver tongue and extensive knowledge, make it an excellent spy or double agent. The Orlath is devastating in combat, leading with a slashing array of scimitars and savages bites. Although weaker then the marilith, the Orlath's increased number of arms make it a veritable cyclone of blood and steel in melee.


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