Ormath was a small city on the south-eastern edge of the Shining Plains.[1]


Of the three cities it shared the Shining Plains with, Ormath was the most prone to conflict over the slightest transgression. The city kept watch over Pikemen's Folly, the road connecting Ormath, Lheshayl, and Hlondeth, and controlled the intersection the city was built around, namely the junction between the Folly and the north road. While controlling this intersection, the city shared control of Assam, another small city, with its neighbor Lheshayl and liked nothing more than complete control over it. Lheshayl was aware of this, however, and was unwilling to allow Ormath the opportunity.[1]


Ormath was ruled by Lord Quwen, an imposing and militant man who favored blades over politics. He frequently conducted the patrols along roads outside the city with his men, removing any threats to the safety of his land.


Around 1372 DR, Quwen become concerned with reports of the Wetwoods containing hostile lizardfolk.[1]



While every major city and town in the Vilhon Reach hosted a temple of Silvanus, the one in Ormath was considered large. The church provided free advice with regard to the prevention of disease, as well as magical aid in keeping water supplies and sewers clean.[2]

There was a temple to Tempus in the city,[3] which may or may not have any connection with the phrase "Ormath on the warpath", commonly used to describe the city.[5]

There was also a major center of worship devoted to Kelemvor in Ormath: the Tower of Skulls.[4] This was likely a training site for priests and doomguides.[citation needed]


Lord Quwen had multiple patrol units under his command, who guarded the area thoroughly. Mercenaries companies, such as the cavalry-based Order of the Silver Lance, made their home here, employing fighters around the city.[6]


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