Ormu was a common glowing fungus that grew in the Underdark.[1][2]


Ormu favored warm, moist areas such as steam tunnels and steam vents[1] and grew in mossy patches typically around 18 square feet (1.7 square meters) in size, but could grow up to 48 square feet (4.5 square meters).[2] It gave off a soft green glow that provided dim illumination in a five foot (1.5 meter) radius.[1]


Ormu had a powdery surface and drow women sometimes used this powder as eye shadow (typical price, 5 cp per pouch).[2] If harvested and dried, it yielded a phosphorescent powder that could be used to create a glowing pigment.[1][2] This pigment was used in dyes for all types of cloth. It could be made into a paint by mixing it with glow worm juice and was used to make signs and flags that even surface-dwellers could see in the dark (typical price, 6 sp per jar). With special preparation, it could be made into an ink for inscribing scrolls and spellbooks (typical price, 25 gp per one ounce or 30 milliliters).[2]



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