Orn Thavil was a human male priest of Tymora who dwelt in the city of Procampur in the Vast.[1][3]


By 1357 DR, Orn Thavil served as High Priest of the Lady's Happy Hall temple of Tymora in the Temple District of Procampur.[1]

In the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR, dined at a banquet hosted by Duke Jozul Piniago of Procampur, and was sat beside the lama Koja of Khazari. He considered the Tuigan to be "savages" and discussed the problems of using printing presses to copy magical prayerbooks.[2][note 1]

Thavil was still high priest of the temple as of the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR.[3] In Marpenoth, when Procampur was struck by the featherlung plague, Thavil worked with High Priest Baniya Dolester of Lliira and set up auxiliary shrines in the District of the Poor to treat the sick there. Though their actions halted the spread of the disease, the Thultyrl reprimanded both high priests for breaking Procampur's district rules, and were reminded that the city and its laws were older than a number of deities.[4]


The Hierarch was a very old man, thin and with a long, wispy white beard.[2]


Thavil was High Priest of the Lady's Happy Hall temple of Tymora. In this capacity, he led 24 subordinate priests and 16 lay-followers.[1][3]



  1. The Hierarch here is unnamed, but the title implies that he is head of his church, who at the time was likely Orn Thavil. Koja only guesses that this Hierarch is from the temple of Tymora.


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