Ornar of the Claw was one of the Overwizards of the Arcane Brotherhood in the 1360s DR.[1]


Circa 1365 DR, Ornar was famous for the claw-related combat spells he created. He was busy creating some new magic storm spells. He plotted to conquer Hellgate Keep, Silverymoon, Everlund, and Sundabar, using Uthgardt barbarians as fodder.[1]


In 1371 DR, after Eldeluc and Valkebar's coup against the Archmage Arcane, Arklem Greeth, Ornar pledged his loyalty to the conspirators. When Greeth returned, now transformed into a lich with some new devilish allies, Ornar escaped to a hideout in the Evermoors.[2]


Ornar was an able strategist that never forget a face. He tried to look kind in order to avoid having too many enemies.[1]



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