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Orogs were a large, uncommon race of orcs[4] who lived and thrived in the Underdark. They were known as weaponsmiths and for their fighting prowess.[5]


Orogs looked similar to regular mountain orcs, with large necks, tusks and snouts[6]. However, orogs were slightly taller than other orc subraces, with larger ears and huge pale eyes. Female orogs tended to be smaller than their male counterparts.[2] They had taloned fingers.[7]

Even more so than standard orcs,[8] orogs were extremely sensitive to bright light, which could not only blind them but also weaken them[2] and cause severe blistering.[9]


Throughout the years they lived in the depths of the Underdark, orogs became masters of forging weapons and armor using unique Underdark ores.[2]

Orogs had higher levels of intelligence and charisma in comparison to other orc subraces, leading to improved leadership abilities.[2]


Typically all orogs trained from a young age to wield and fight with martial weapons. These weapons were usually adorned with hooks, sharp edges, and spines while their armor was decorated with spikes. They favored greatswords and throwing axes as primary weapons, and stayed away from more exotic Underdark weapons.[2]


Orogs created cities within the Underdark, using slave labour to expand their caverns. Cities were built surrounding their forges, which were often located near volcanic vents and magma pools. These forges were open to any orog to use.[2]

Most orog were literate and spoke Orc and Undercommon.[2]

By the late 15th century DR, a community of orogs dwelt in a cavern system deep underground on the planet H'Catha. Some of those orogs turned to piracy aboard the squid ship Scavenger.[10]


Orogs were descended from the Skullbiter Tribe of mountain orcs who once lived in the Spine of the World mountain range. When they, along with other mountain orcs, invaded Netheril in −3605 DR, they were cut off from their retreat route and cornered between the elven and Netherese armies. They sought refuge in a narrow cave at the end of a valley which, unbeknownst to them, led to the Underdark. They became lost but felt safe in the knowledge that they would not be followed by their enemies, delving further underground whenever they could. Eventually they came across a veritable jungle of luminous fungi and decided to settle there. They bred in great numbers and expanded into many surrounding caverns like a virulent plague. They subjugated the creatures already living there and eventually split into a dozen different tribes, discovering rich veins of metal and ore.[2]

The collapse of the elven empires led to the orogs venturing back to the surface in large numbers, bullying their mountain orc cousins into subservience and arming them for war with weapons made from Underdark metals.[2]

In 1369 DR a tribe of Shar-worshiping orogs resided within the ruins of Myth Drannor, they often feuded over territory within the Dwarven Dungeons with a tribe of orcs, members of the Cult of the Dragon, and the small clan of ormyrr.[11]

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