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Orosul's Tower was a small tower located in the city of Archenbridge in Archendale during the mid-to-late 14th century DR.[1] Though the place was abandoned by Orosul in the 1350s DR, no Arkhenfolk stepped foot inside ever since as the powerful mage promised that "doom would befall intruders and fair Archendale both."[1]


A mage in front of Orosul's tower.

The inn was located on the intersection between Drover's Lane and Spindral Street, in the southern part of the city.[1][2]


The tower was slender and measured 60 feet (18 meters) high. Made of granite, it stood in the center of a walled garden closed by two locked iron gates. Although the general belief was that only Orosul possessed the key to its tower, in reality Vangerdahast Aeiulvana and Cylyria Dragonbreast had spares as well.[1]

By 1370 DR, the unattended garden grew thick with vines creeping up the tower's sides.[1] The garden was home of numerous small animals such as birds, rabbits and squirrels, but no larger beasts were ever witnessed there.[1]

It was unclear whether the tower had three or four floors, as it was dotted by shuttered windows in a seemingly random pattern.[1].


The city assigned ten soldiers to keep watch around the tower at all times. Equipped with chainmails, slings, blunt-padded arrows and nets, their role was to prevent anyone from casting spells or using magic items within sight of the tower.[1]


Coming from Sembia, the mage Orosul used magic to identify the Swords of Archendale. He made a deal with them that supposedly involved a large sum of money, in exchange for which he would be free to settle in town and do as he pleased without being controlled or watched.[1]

Circa 1350 DR, the mage disappeared from the tower after warning the Swords against anyone entering his abode, promising a terrible doom should this rule be broken.[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

Successful Adventurers[]

Although nobody has officially entered the tower since Orosul's disappearance, there were persistent rumors in the Dales that this or that adventurer-mage had.[1]

Scary Stories[]

Archenfolks, who were known for their dislike of strangers, liked to scare visitors by telling them to look at the tower to see what happened to even well-meaning outlanders who settled in the town.[1]

This practice gave birth to a local idiom, "It is deep in Orosul's Tower," which meant 'It is where you will never find it'.[1]

Floating Bed[]

The few reliable tidbits of information regarding the interior of the tower were revealed by Orosul's apprentice. She let it be known that the mage possessed a large circular magical floating bed in its lofty chambers, a rumor heartily repeated by a local carpenter.[1]

According to her, the bed was surrounded by a cloud of magical darkness filled with twinkling illusory stars at night, and could split apart to reveal a treasure of money and magical items hidden in an extra-dimensional space "under" it.[1]

Ancient Power Scepter[]

Also according to Orosul's apprentice, one half of a powerful magical Netherese power scepter was hidden under a cobblestone within sight of the tower.[1]


  • Orosul: A powerful mage and the proprietor of the tower.
  • Felsharra of the Four Winds: Orosul's apprentice.