Orpsu were fierce aerial predators. While they were sometimes called night stirges, they had no relation to stirges and were an entirely separate species.[1]


Orpsus lacked any kind of body hair and their spotted skin had a similar texture to leather. Their wide mouth had no lower jaw and was filled with sharp fangs. They had a long, thin flexible tail.[1]

Their most distinguishing physical feature was their four "horns". Instead of arms or legs, an orpsu had four appendages that ended in a bone shaped like a sharp blade. A web of skin connected the appendages on each side of their body, which gave the appearance of wings.[1]




Due to their natural telepathy and incomprehensible language, they were immune to the effects of charm, domination, hold and suggestion-based spells.[1]


Orpsu lives in swarms of up to a dozen members. Swarms started off with a pair of mature orpsu. When a swarm reached a certain size, the oldest children left to form their own swarms.[1]

Orpsu lacked vocal cords so they communicated solely via telepathy. They could communicate with one another from a distance of up to 20 ft (6.1 m). They were unable to communicate in this fashion with other creatures. Their language was unique and so different from other creatures it was impossible for another creature to eavesdrop on their telepathic communications.[1]


Surface-dwelling orpsus were found in the deserts, plains and steppes of Faerûn and Kara-Tur. Subterranean orpsus were found throughout the Underdark. Orpsu made their lairs in caves or ruins.[1]


Since orpsu were hematophagous creatures, their diet consisted entirely of fresh blood. They attacked both large and small creatures for their blood. Badgers, foxes and otters were particularly targeted by orpsu. Humanoids such as drow, duergar and humans were also preyed upon.[1]


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