Orthons were large baatezu devils used as bounty hunters and soldiers in the Nine Hells.[1][2]


Orthons were large and powerful devils. Their main distinguishing feature was two large, sharp tusks growing from the sides of their mouths. Plates of metal were bolted directly onto their bodies. This provided them with effective armor but caused constant pain.[2]


Despite being simpleminded, orthons were highly organized by nature and capable of implementing tactics intelligently. They were very loyal to their masters. Their main goal in life was to fight and die in battle, as a glorious sacrifice to help further the goals of the Nine Hells. They had a singular hatred for all demons.[2]


Orthon combat training made them efficient fighters against demons. Hellspears and hellfire crossbows were an othron's weapons of choice. They fought best as a small unit of between four to six individuals, organized into ranks of two or three orthons per rank. The frontal units used hellspears while the units behind them used hellfire crossbows.[2]


At will, an orthon could temporarily create a portal-negating field with a radius of 20 feet (6.1 meters). Withing this field, extra-dimensional travel became impossible. Orthons had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of greater teleport and see invisibility spells at will.[2] Orthons had the ability to become invisible. This effect was temporary and the orthon became visible once they either attacked a target or were struck themselves.[1]


Orthons were mainly used as stormtroopers in the armies of the Nine Hells. Archdevils and pit fiends used orthons as trusted guards. Due to their strength and prowess in battle, they were treated with respect by most devils.[2] Some orthons were used by an archdevil as bounty hunters. Due to their tracking skills, an orthon could track a target across other dimensions.[1]



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