Orvyltar was the capital city of the kingdom of Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn.[3][1]


The city stood at the innermost end of Copper Bay, a protected bay that it the kingdom's biggest and safest port.[3][1]


As well as being the capital, Orvyltar was the biggest and most wealthiest in the kingdom.[3] It had a population of over 20,000 around 1367 DR,[3] rising to 21,000 by 1373 DR.[1]


As the capital of the realm of Ulgarth, King Drasna Bluemantle ruled and was based here in the mid- to late 14th century. However, he was regularly away touring his kingdom.[3][1][4]


As the kingdom's biggest and safest port, Orvyltar was its primary trade route, to the Durpar cities of Morvar and Pharsul and beyond. Indeed, the primary occupation of Orvyltar was trading, and Orvyltarans were fast gaining a reputation as local masters of commerce. Food and mingari spice from eastern Ulgarth and gold and iron from the Galuil Mountains were exported out of Orvyltar, while a wide variety of staples and luxury goods from Durpar were imported.[3][1]


Orvyltar was well defended, with a significant standing army of 500 men-at-arms and three cavalry troops mounted on Dambraii steeds.[3][1]

The harbor was guarded by three colossal towers that overlooked Copper Bay. Mounted atop each of these was a huge ballista that could fire a projectile up to a quarter of a mile (400 meters) over the bay.[3][1] Drasna's father the king purchased these ballistae from Durpar (though the Durpari were Ulgarth's traditional rivals),[3] and Drasna had them enchanted by a mage from Halruaa.[5] By 1367 DR, these ballistae had sunk several pirate ships intent on raiding the harbor, as soon as they were in range.[3]

The bay itself was closely defended by almost two dozen warships, providing a strong naval presence in the area.[3][1]

The commander of Orvyltar's defenses around 1367 DR was Stonesmith Hammerhand, who keenly maintained the ballistae.[3]


The city's port and harbor were well defended, and commercial sea traffic through here was very dense.[1]

In central Orvyltar lay the marketplace. It was smaller than markets found in Durpari cities, but no less active.[1]

The largest temple in the kingdom dedicated to Torm, god of duty and knights, stood in Orvyltar. The king himself prayed here.[2]

King Drasna's extensive estates also lay around the city.[3][1]




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