Oryal Forestal was the Silhouette of Spies of the Shadow Thieves chapter in Athkatla around 1370 DR.[1]


Oryal was very loyal to his friend Renal.[1]


Oryal had a strong friendship with fellow Shadow Thieves boss Renal Bloodscalp, who helped him often. He developed an attraction to an employee of the Silverale Hall, but only for her appearance and the conversations she overheard.[1]


Oryal entered the Shadow Thieves at the same time as Renal Bloodscalp and the two became partners and friends. Renal also helped Oryal to kill all aside from their superiors who discovered his ability as a wizard.[1]


Oryal acted as spymaster of the Shadow Thieves in Athkatla and his magic powers and his contacts made him a very efficient spymaster. He was known to remember all that friends and foes said, mentally filling and sorting it all to recall even the slighted bit of pertinent information.[1]



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