Osala was a human patron if the Elfsong Tavern owned by Alyth Elendara in Baldur's Gate. She was spoken to by a trio of adventurers after their attack out on the city streets outside of the tavern.[1]


Osala alludes to being married or at least romantically attached to a human male name Keissen. By her demeanor and delivery during her introductory conversation with the trio, she had been with Keissen for a long time, knowing also that he had a talent for the "shadowy arts" as she described it.

Baldur's GateEdit

In the Elfsong Tavern, Osala is found seated one table behind Ipswitch. At first she is not inclined to talk with the trio and sadly asks them to leave her be as she did not want any trouble. Upon the insistence of the trio who show genuine concern, Osala explains that she is waiting for someone and that she fears she waits in vain. When asked who, Osala tells the trio she waits for her man Keissen, who allegedly accepted a job to go on an expedition north to a place called the Battle of the Bones, a place haunted by the dead. She details the mission her man undertook, involving recovering an orb from the Battle of the Bones and delivering it to Baldur's Gate. She also mentioned the amount of money promised to them was more than any fortune they had ever seen. When she asked Keissen about the mission, she described him as having behaved strangely as though hypnotized or charmed. He was obsessed with finding the orb for his mysterious employer. She waited in the tavern as she and Keissen agreed in case of any emergency. According to Osala, three nights had passed and had heard nothing from Keissen and began to fear the worse.

Osala's side quest intersects with the side quest of Ipswitch as both goals involve the trio exploring the catacombs, where Ipswitch's medallion is found atop his brother's coffin and Keissen's corpse is in the final chamber of the catacombs.

Although mournful of the news the trio brought to her, Osala rewards them for putting her mind at ease about Keissen's fate. Osala's reward is a Ring of Protection which Keissen gave to her as a keepsake. Having no further use for it, she gives it to the trio to keep them from sharing her man's fate.



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