Osari Minhiro was an old samurai of Fochu Peninsula in Wa.[2]


After the death of his daughters, Minhiro became cynical.[2] He was terrified by large bodies of water.[3]


Minhiro was a protege of Ababuio and he always miraculously escaped death.[3]


Minhiro was born to the Osari clan in the village of Osata in the Fochu Peninsula.

At a young age, during a sea voyage with his parents, wako pirates attacked the ship and only Minhiro survived thanks to a jellyfish sent by Ababuio, the deity of good luck.

He married the powerful wu jen Toshi and together they served at the court of his nephew, Osari Daizan, daimyo of the city of Tifuido.

After the deaths of all of his daughters before they reached 16 years old around 1348 DR, Minhiro retired to live alone and divorced from Toshi, who instead went to work in the village of Seinin.

In 1358 DR, a number of strange killings plagued Fochu and Toshi was killed. Soon after, her ghost appeared to Minhiro in a dream explaining that she had been killed by the minions of Za-Jikku and asked her ex-husband's help to stop the evil.

First, Minhiro told everything to his nephew but Daizan acted too slowly and Minhiro decided to act without the government's support. Under Toshi's instructions, Minhiro traveled to far Tempat Larang, where he asked for the help of an adventuring party sent there by the Emperor of Shou Lung.

Minhiro said that Toshi had told him that he needed their help to travel to Qui and stop Za-Jikku, a potential menace to all Kara-Tur. They had to enter the demiplane of Qui in order to stop the evil.[2]



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