Oslin was a small trading village in Chessenta.[1][2][3]


It lay at the southeastern tip of the Akanamere,[1][2][3] betwixt the Akanul farming land and the Hills of Maerth. From Oslin, trails led west to Villon, south to Saden, and northeast around the lake-shore to Maerduuth.[1]


Oslin had stood as early as the 4th century DR.[4][5]

In the 10th century DR, the mighty archmage Ultham, son of Urrekanam, who kept a tower in the Hills of Maerth, had a great love of Oslin and enjoyed playing chess with the village elders for hours on end. However, some time during the reign of King Tchazzar (9291018 DR), Ultham appears to have anticipated Chessenta's swift collapse and incessant warring, and created the Magical Chessmen of Ultham-Urre to defend Oslin before he journeyed into the planes. Meanwhile, the Chessmen were just used as simple chess pieces.[6]

Then, several years later, the lord of Maerduuth (at the time a large city) desired to annex Oslin and sent an expeditionary force, thinking it defenseless, with the ordinary farmers, fishers, and traders there unable to muster a capable militia and or hire mercenaries. Yet the good people of Oslin used the Chessmen to transform themselves into a company of strong soldiers, supported by potent mages and priests, that routed the Maerduuth force. A second expeditionary force didn't come back at all. Thereafter, the lord of Maerduuth and the neighboring powers elected to just ignore Oslin altogether.[6]

Curiously, several decades later, a well-defended caravan transporting a fortune in gems from Unthalass to Akanax disappeared between Oslin and Maerduuth. The lone survivor reported they'd been ambushed by a company of glittering, armored knights—most likely the Chessmen again—and investigators found Oslin emptied of half its population overnight. They, the gems, and the Magical Chessmen of Ultham-Urre were not seen again.[6]


Oslin was a subject of Akanax around 1357 DR.[2]


Once defended by the Magical Chessmen of Ultham-Urre creating a magical militia of its people, Oslin thereafter needed to hire mercenary companies to protect the village.[6] One such mercenary company, the Lords of the Inner Reach, were based in Oslin around 1357 DR. They were hired by local farmers to push rivals off their lands so they could claim them.[2][6]

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