An osquip was an aggressive, multi-legged rodent about the size of a small dog.[2][1]


They were hairless, with huge heads and large teeth. Most had six legs, a few had eight, and even fewer had ten.[2] Their tails were not uniform either. They varied between no tail at all, to a stump, to a rat tail's length.[1]


While rats normally fled anything larger than themselves, osquips proved to be both territorial and willing to attack trespassers fearlessly and ferociously.[1] If a party entered an area where osquips made their home, the creatures emerged quickly, and a typical swarm was very damaging.[2]

Unlike rats, osquips were not afraid of fire.[1]

Osquips had no understanding of value but collected shiny things from time to time.[1]


Osquips used their aforementioned teeth to fight. They had a developed sense of scent and could pinpoint creatures within 5 feet (1.5 meters) and had a general sense of direction of creatures within 30 feet (9.1 meters).[1]


Osquips built small, hidden tunnels. They had teeth that could be used to dig through rock. They were found either solitary or in packs of two to sixteen specimens.[1]

They were bad at swimming.[1]

On Toril, osquips were sometimes used as familiars.[1]




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