Osse was a continent on Toril, located between Kara-Tur and Maztica. It lay between the Eastern Sea of Kara-Tur and the Western Ocean before Maztica, and north of the Southern Ocean.[1] It was mysterious and little-known to Faerûn.[2]


The people of this land were known as the Osse,[3] or Osslanders.[4] An aboriginal people with an ancient culture, they had strong ties to their ancestors and to their land, and in touch with the natural world. They believed all things had spirits, from trees to rocks to the air itself. They venerated these natural spirits and the spirits of the ancestors alike.[2] Following the philosophy of Alcheringa, the Osslanders also revered ancestral heroes as totems and believed that the stars were the spirits of their ancestors. One of these was Tumbarum, revered as the spirit of music.[4]

They gave rise to spirit shamans, shamanic priests who commanded the spirit world,[2] and to totemists, who channeled the raw magic of nature spirits, in the form of incarnum.[3] Spirit shamans went on quests to discover their path in life, to preserve nature, and to balance the spirit world.[2] This walkabout could take these spirit shamans as far as the distant continent of Faerûn.[2]

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Based on lore given in the novel Lady of Poison for the character of Gunggari Ulmarra, Osse is widely supposed by fans to be modeled after Aboriginal Australia. This was confirmed in the "Class Chronicles: Eastern Classes" article by Eytan Bernstein.


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