Ossian Talendar was the heir of the Talendar family in Selgaunt.[2][1]


Early in his life, his father Nuldrevyn noticed Ossian's great intelligence and energy and so Ossian was chosen as the family's heir and trained for this role.

In time, he gained more and more of Nuldrevyn's responsibilities. At the age of maturity, Nuldrevyn chose Ossian for the important role of liaison between Talendar and Selgaunt's criminal underground. In 1372 DR, Ossian was tasked with finding some men that could help the returned Marance Talendar in his vengeance.[1]


Ossian was bright, lively, cheerful, and friendly. However, deep within, he was utterly ambitious and was sure that his many services to the family would grant him the patriarch's role. However, he was not a cruel man and did not care for vengeance. Ossian took only very calculated risks.[1]




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