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Osssra were oils mainly used by yuan-ti for a plethora of different practical and recreational purposes. There were several kinds of osssra with different scents and effects.[1]


Osssra were burned in pots or braziers and were inhaled as an ember-colored smoke. Yuan-ti would use them while laying in recreational basking chambers.[1][2]


Be thankful it only enfeebled your mind. Some osssra are fatal to humans. They are intended for yuan-ti.
— Karrel[1]

Its uses were varied and many, but only the yuan-ti tended to use them, as they were poisonous to humans and could enfeeble the mind, cause unconsciousness, or be outright fatal. Properties of osssra included clearing the mind, healing the body, purging enchantments, and stimulating dreams and memories (via smells of mint, burning moss, and sap).[1]

Using osssra to induce dreaming was used for recreational purposes and was believed to bestow prophetic dreams and help in divining the locations of desired people and objects.[2]



House of Serpents (Viper's KissVanity's Brood)


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