Osstiurr was a human House in Khôltar, south Faerûn, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. They held one of the twenty seats on the Onsruur (the hereditary council of lords) that was the de facto power in the Iron City.[1][2]


The Osstiurr bloodline had an unfortunate tendency toward ugly facial features and short bodies that easily put on weight—most of them actually waddled when they walked—but no one dared laugh at their comical appearance. Despite their enormous wealth, they seemed to doubt their self-worth, because they trained their slaves to lavish each family member with praise a few times a day. There were dozens of bastard children, born of their kept slaves, that were allowed to live only if they showed promise as family factors and envoys. Partly as a hobby, and partly for lucrative sales, this family experimented with various vapors that caused sleep, gave crazed visions, broke the will, or brought death. The other Onsruur families were cautiously vigilant around the Osstiurr.[1][2]


House Osstiurr was extremely wealthy from dealing in weapons, being moneylenders, and fencing stolen goods. They had extensive business investments in Amn and Calimshan (where most of their bastard agents were sent to oversee the family's interests). Their dabbling with gaseous drugs was not a major source of income compared to their other activities.[1][2]



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