The Barony of Ostel was one of the physically smaller provinces of Damara in 1357 DR.[1][2][3]


Ostel sat within central Damara. Its entire eastern border was bordered by the waters of the Goliad River, Lake Mogador, and the Great Imphras River. Impiltur bordered Ostel to the south.[2][3]


Rich farmlard dominated much of Ostel's countryside, thanks to the major rivers flowing through the barony.[2]


Members of the Praka family were the traditional rulers of Ostel, with Baroness Sylvia representing the family as of 1357 DR. Sylvia was the 23rd member of her family to rule Ostel.[1]

Ostel boasted the largest population of any province in Damara before Morov and Heliogabalus combined.[1]


As a direct appointment of Zhengyi, Sylvia was hated by most of her subjects.[1]




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