Ostriches were a species of large flightless birds.[1]


Ostriches were among the largest avians found on Toril. They had a small head with a flat beak, a long featherless neck, and a large body covered in feathers. They had wings but were unable to fly. Females had brown or grey feathers, while males had black feathers with white feathers on their wings and tail.[1]


Ostriches were exceptional runners, capable of reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour). To maintain stability while running, an ostrich extended its wings.[1]


Ostriches defended themselves from predators with kicks from their powerful legs.[1]


Ostriches were herbivores and lived in flocks. A male ostrich had up to four mates at a time. A female laid her large eggs in a nest, where she incubated them until hatching, with the male protecting the nest from predators.[1]


Ostriches were known to commonly be found around oases in Anauroch.[3]


The white feathers from the males were in high demand for their use in clothing and hat decorations. Ostriches were commonly farmed.[1] Aurora's Emporium sold ostrich feathers at five sp each.[4] In Zakhara, ostriches sold at markets for up to 45 gp.[5]


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