Oswald Fiddlebender was a gnome of many professions who sold potions and piloted an airship in the late 13th and early 14th centuries DR.[1][2]


Oswald Fiddlebender lived in Kuldahar with his niece, Maralie, where he sold potions that he had brewed. Due to the mountainous and windy nature of Icewind Dale, he often got his course confused, and crashed his ship. Oswald referred to his airship as a laboratory, and admitted to experimenting with dangerous potions mid-flight, causing the ship to crash.[2]

The gnome crashed his airship in Targos after flying all the way from Kuldahar, setting the northern part of the town aflame. The potions caused significant damage to the airship, as well as setting it on fire. Luckily, there were no casualties to himself, or the villagers of Targos. Oswald fixed his ship with the spell, Oswald's Mending, even though the material components required for the spell were difficult to acquire.[2]

By the command of Lord Ulbrec, Oswald flew the adventuring group that defended Targos, to the Western Pass in 1311 DR. Unsurprisingly, the weather conditions (urged on by clerics of Auril) did not allow for a smooth flight. The balloon supporting the airship popped, and it fell to the ground.[2]

After an adventuring party rescued the Kuldahar druid, named Nathaniel, from the temple of Auril, Oswald and Nathaniel left on his airship. The two travellers then evacuated those living in Kuldahar to the north and east. [2]


Oswald was a skilled alchemist, especially in producing volatile and dangerous potions. He could also create different types of armor from beetle shells. As well as producing armor, he was also able to tailor garments, such as cloaks, gloves, scarves, hats and boots. Adventurers could purchase any of these items of clothing by providing Oswald with the materials (such as a yeti pelt) and gold.[2]



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