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Otiluke (pronounced: /ˈtɪlkO-ti-look[2]) was an eminent otherworldly mage. His works, particularly his spells, were known all over the Realms.[3]


The collection of works of the legendary wizard was a staple part of a mage's studies in Faerûn.[3] Three of his spells were frequently used: Otiluke's telekinetic sphere,[4] Otiluke's freezing sphere,[4][5][6][7] and Otiluke's resilient sphere.[8][9]


Otiluke was a member of the Circle of Eight, which was led by Mordenkainen. However, both Otiluke and Bigby (who was also known of in the Realms) were killed by Rary the Traitor.[1]

In the 14th century DR, two mages of the Realms (Robillard and Harkle Harpell), engaged in a spell competition. During the competition, Robillard used a diamond worth a thousand gold to demonstrate his knowledge of Otiluke, referring to him by name. Harkle did not know so much about the legendary mage, and so Robillard cast another variation of Otiluke's spells, namedropping him once again. Harkle was impressed by Robillard's display.[3]



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