Oublivae, also called the Angel of the Everlasting Void, the Demon Monarch of the Barrens, and the Queen of Desolation, was a powerful demon who prowled the empty wastelands of the Abyss, lurked within abandoned structures, and haunted the voids between the planes and other worlds.[1]


Oublivae's head was that of a luminous fey crowned with horns. Her body resembled a humanoid insect, complete with sharpened armor plating and a sinuous tail that terminated in a deadly stinger. Oublivae's long ghoulish tongue was used to lap up the blood of her victims.[1]


Oublivae's knowledge of history was rivaled only by that of Graz'zt, Vecna, and Iggwilv. Her area of expertise centered around destruction and ruin. Anyone brave enough to deal with her might get the answers to hidden mysteries if they survived the encounter.[1]


When provoked, Oublivae dropped to all fours and attacked like a feral beast. She preferred to isolate her foes and pick them off one at a time, showing them glimpses of a future where all they loved was destroyed, before consuming their souls.[1]


Oublivae was the Lord of the 100th layer of the Abyss known simply as the Barrens.[1]

Cult of OublivaeEdit

Undead and other demons not sworn to Orcus followed Oublivae, spreading her chaos and hopelessness wherever they roamed.[1]

Mortal followers of Oublivae were often pirates, outlaws, and savages. Most decorated their bodies with tattoos mimicking Oublivae's own appearance. They consumed the flesh of their enemies to honor the Queen of Desolation.[1]


The Demon Queen was known to ally herself with select demon lords in order the halt the expansion of rivals' realms, further spreading chaos throughout the Abyss.[1]


Oublivae crawled up from the dregs of the Barrens during an unknown age, eventually garnering the attention of the Barrens' lord, Ugoreth. Ugoreth surrounded her with his minions and demanded her service. Oublivae managed to convince the demon lord that she carried a message for his ears alone, using Ugoreth's vanity to gain a private audience with him. Oublivae attacked the demon lord, consuming his soul and sending him to the bottomless ruins of the Barrens and claiming the title of Demon Lord for herself.[1]



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