Count Oxsal Keeneyes was a Count of Monteshi and Guild Chancellor of Tethyr. He was a halfling man.[1]


Count Keeneyes was a strongly religious man (a servant of Arvoreen), and a spirited, capable warrior, ready to prove to the humans that the hin could defend Tethyr.[1]


Although officially in charge of managing the guilds of Tethyr, Count Keeneyes abdicated this duty (with permission) to his wife. His focus instead was the defense of Tethyr, primarily from the dreaded ruins of Shoonach. In fact, he was dubbed with the nicknames "Shoonach's Guardian" and "Tethyr's Guardian" because of this. Though his official manor was Pelmarin, located in the Clovis Fields, he spent the vast majority of his time at Fort Teqlar, within the borders of Shoonach, from where he and nearly 200 soldiers monitored that region in an attempt to contain its evils.[1]

In addition, County Monteshi bordered Calimshan, and a large portion of that land was contested by the Calishites, who called the area "Monrativi Teshy Mir",[2] and so the halfling count ever watched its borders as well.

Oxsal Keeneyes was the first halfling ever inducted into the Order of the Silver Chalice.[3]


Oxal Keeneyes was married to Ranna Keeneyes, and the two had five childen—three daughters and two sons. Countess-Consort Ranna was a perfect balance to Oxal's zeal with her calm and practical personality.[1]


Oxal served on the civic guard of Ithmong for many years. During the Reclamation Wars, after the failed First Siege of Myratma, he was influential as a voice of encouragement to the Loyalists on the side of Zaranda Star. At the end of the war, she bequeathed the land of Monteshi to him and his descendants.[1]


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