P'oh were small yet powerful lesser spirits native to Kara-Tur.[1]


P'oh were short and stocky. They had long hair that was usually held back in a ponytail. Their skin was bronze in color. They had a flat nose and large ears. Their clothing was often made from the best silk, garishly decorated with gold and silver threads. P'oh were always males.[1]


P'oh were arrogant and obnoxious. They were most often seen bearing a condescending grin.[1]


P'oh avoided combat whenever they could. Their preferred tactic was to relentlessly taunt an opponent. If confronted by a superior foe, they did not hesitate to retreat. When they had no other choice but to engage in physical combat, they were fierce fighters and showed no mercy. P'oh used a variety of weapons, from simple items such as a strong stick to crafted weapons such as a katana or wakizashi.[1]


The physical touch of a p'oh was deadly, desiccating an opponent. P'oh had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of an invisibility spell at will, and create drought once per week. P'oh used this ability to create drought conditions in an area with a radius of up to 5 miles (8 kilometers). The drought continued until either the p'oh cancelled the spell, was slain, or an ice blight spell was cast. [1]


P'oh were greatly feared by the inhabitants of Kara-Tur. Villages erected shrines to p'oh along roads, in order to appease them and prevent the p'oh from creating a drought in their area, destroying the villages' crops. When a p'oh decided to settle in an area, they appeared before the local peasants, informing them of the honor they were granted by living near him. He then demanded weekly offerings of large quantities of water or wine as well as fruits and vegetables. If the locals failed to make these offerings or they were deemed insufficient, the angered p'oh would unleash a drought on the area, only lifting it when appeased or killed. On occasion, p'oh were commanded by the Celestial Emperor to punish the inhabitants of a village with their drought ability.[1]


P'oh were nomadic, solitary spirits. They wandered the countryside during day or night. They were most often seen wandering agricultural plains and hills away from large cities. They sometimes made lairs within caves or hollow trees.[1]


P'oh were able to consume almost anything and were notorious for drinking massive quantities of liquid in a short period of time.[1]



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