Paddy Stoutfellow was a member of the Company of Eight in Tethyr.[2]


Paddy was a halfling with black, bushy hair and sideburns.[2]


Paddy was the clown of the Company of Eight, with a sometimes inappropriate sense of humor. He was cheerful and light-hearted yet exceedingly loyal to anyone he considered a friend. He had a great love of adventure for adventure's sake. He only wanted to live adventures worthy of being told to his grandchildren in future. His favorite pastime was thieving, especially if involved difficult mark, because he enjoyed the thrill.[2]

He tended to be apolitical, unlike many of his adventuring companions.[2]


Paddy specialized in combat with the broadsword, which he wielded with two hands.[2] He was quite talented with a crossbow as well.[3] He knew how to ride a horse and was good at fishing.[2]


Paddy wore chainmail, and his primary weapon was a magic green-dragon-slaying broadsword,[3][2] which he inherited from former Company member Chiaelin Frendel.[4] He also kept a variety of magic crossbow bolts ready.[3]


Paddy consider everyone in the Company of Eight his friends. His sense of humor actually helped his companions coexist despite their differences. He had good relationships with all the members, but his best friend was Sylvanus Moondrop, as the only other non-human of the group.[2]


Company of Eight

Paddy standing in front and center of the Company of Eight in 1357 DR.

Paddy was born in the Purple Hills. In 1356 DR, he joined the Company for the thrill of adventure.[2]

After the end of the Tethyrian Interregnum, Paddy's friend Silvanus became the Count of Uluran, and the new lord requested that both Paddy and Manfred Arbustle come live with him at Uluran Keep, the county seat. Paddy thought it quite funny to watch Silvanus come to recognize that the new monarchy was a good thing for Tethyr.[1]



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