Paerestus, also called "Smokebeard", was a man from the city of Tsurlagol in the Vast in the 12th century DR. He was a famous bard.


Paerestus was a famous bard.

Some time after the Year of the Quiet Earth, 1161 DR, Paerestus bought Wythyndle's Round Book from Lord Irlistir of Ulkan for a goodly amount of money. This was a magical and holy book of Milil, Lord of Song, and Paerestus felt it to be a gift of the gods, but only ever listened to and learned the music it played, for later use with lyrics of his own. He kept the Round Book stashed in a secret space in the decaying stone wall of the stables behind his house.

Paerestus died in a house-fire one morning in the Year of the Tomb, 1182 DR. Though his house was burned down, the Round Book survived unscathed in the stables. It was eventually rediscovered by another, likely someone robbing out building stones.


A warm, rich voice made Paerestus famous, However, he was short on originality when it came to writing tunes.

He had the moniker "Smokebeard".[1]


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