Paeris Haladar was a Spell-Captain of the Akh'Faer during the Fall of Myth Drannor.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In 667 DR, Paeris was chosen as Spell-Major and one of the members of the early Council of Twelve.[3]

In 670 DR, Paeris discovered someone had raided the Vault of the Ages.[2]

In 689 DR, after losing his position as Spell-Major to Josidiah Starym, Paeris tried four times to assassinate him. At last, he challenged Josidiah at an Honor Duel but when Paeris tried to wield the Artblade the sword judged him unworthy.[2]

Using some mysterious rituals the Elder and the baelnorns of Haladar clan managed to restore the magic abilities of Paeris after 30 years.[4]

He fought during the Weeping War and in a decisive battle in Ches 35 of 712 DR at Dlabraddath, against his superiors' orders, Paeris led four companies of Akh'Faer and Akh'Velahr to attack the Army of Darkness, believing he could end the war with a decisive victory. Instead, they found a trap and were all killed, including Paeris. However, the Army also suffered a great loss.[5]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Paeris wielded one of the Baneblades of Demron, Faervian, until tried to kill Josidiah and the Artblade rejected him. Afterward, the sword was ceded to Phyrra Iliathorr.[6]

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