Pages from the Mages is an accessory for AD&D 2nd edition.

Any rogue can craft a spell - but it takes a really reckless fool to write one down.

Thus, the wizard Elminster introduces the latest collection of wizardly lore from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, including:

  • New spells from mages such as Daltim, Darsson, and Myrl.
  • Fell creatures - the Tome Guardian, the Disenchanter, and the Scalamagdrion.
  • Details of more than 40 spellbooks - appearance, history, the magic they contain, and what is known of the fates of their makers.
  • And just for fun - Elminster's very own travelling spellbook.
"All this could have been avoided, of course... If the handful of heedful folk in the worlds'd listen to me but a few moments more, much trouble could be averted - and, I suppose, much high adventure. Hmmm... perhaps 'tis the doom of humans to always rush in heedless of the costs - and to open and read every old, crumbling book they find." - Elminster


Agannazar's scorcherAmplifyArchveult's skyboltBacklashBeltyn's burning bloodBlacklightBlackstaffBlade of doomBladethirstBone javelinBone bladeBowgentle's fleeting journeyCaddelyn's catastropheCaligarde's clawCatapultChromatic bladeCircle charmCircle danceCloak from undeadCloak undeadColorCorpselightCreate spectral wizardDaltim's fiery protectorDaltim's flaming fistDaltim's proof against fireDark mirrorDarsson's cooling breezeDarsson's fiery cubeDarsson's eye in the skyDarsson's music boxDarsson's potionDeath linkDecastaveDetect psionicsDetho's deliriumDire charmDisguise undeadDismindDispel silenceDisruptionDistortElminster's effulgent epurationElminster's evasionEncryptEverlasting fireEvolveFellbladeFire gateFirebrandFirestaffFlameproofFlashFlying fistForcewaveFrost fingersGatewayGeirdorn's grappling graspGemjumpGhost armorGhost pipesGreat shoutGrimwald's graymantleHailconeHold vaporHoverIcelanceIlyykur's mantleImbue undead with spell abilityImmunity to undeathImproved skull watchIronguardJhanifer's deliquescenceKhelben's warding whipKnow schoolLaeral's aqueous columnLaeral's dancing dweomerLessen gravityLich touchLifeblendMailed mightMaster undeadMelisander's harpMerald's murderous mistMissile masteryMorgannaver's stingMummy touchNchaser's glowing globeNegative plane protectionNightscarNulathoe's ninemenParalyzePhase trapPhezult's awakeningPhezult's sleep of agesPlaguePortraitPower word silencePresper's moonbowPrismatic eyeProof from teleportationQuenchtouchQuimby's enchanting gourmetRay of ondovirReconstructionRepel undeadRestore mindRevenanceRuby ray of reversalSafe fallScatterspraySecureShadow skeletonShadow boltShadow handShadow gauntletShaeroon's scimitarShandaril's tracerShroud of flameSimbul's synostodweomerSkull watchSkyhookSkywriteSlumberwardSmoke ghostSnilloc's major missileSnilloc's snowballSnilloc's snowball swarmSpectral guardSpectral wingsSpell invulnerabilitySpell engineSpellstrikeSpelltrapSpendelarde's chaserSpidereyesSummon darssonSunburstSuspensionTasirin's haunted sleepTasso's shriekTeleport deadThunderlanceTulrun's tracerTurnshadowUnburnUndead mountUndead familiarVipergoutVirus charmVocalizeWall of sandWard against undeadWatchwareWaves of wearinessWorldwalkWriteXult's magical doom


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