Pahari were shapeshifting nymphs who inhabited the seas and oceans of Zakhara.[1]


Pahari resembled mermaids in their natural form, but they also appeared as small fish or beautiful women.[1]

A pahari’s scales ranged in color from blue and green to ruby red.[1]


Pahari were shy creatures who loathed combat. They were capable of using weapons, but rarely carried any. They were fond of using magical items to defend themselves.[1]

All pahari were strong spell-casters and had powers similar to elemental wizards who specialized in water magic. Their favorite spells included: airy water, command water spirits, conjure elemental (water), converse with sea creatures, float, sea sight, ship of fools, strengthen water creatures, waterbane, and water blast.[1]


These marine creatures lived in small communities on the sea floor, usually close to shore. Most of their diet consisted of kelp and seaweed that was supplemented with shellfish and mollusks. Pahari never ate fish, considering it to be cannibalistic behavior.[1]

Pahari communities were often accompanied by a small group of dolphins.[1]

These curious creatures were fascinated by surface-dwellers, bordering on being obsessed with them. They enjoyed collecting anything from the surface world. Sailors were welcomed into their communities to share their stories. Especially adventurous pahari would wander into surface villages completely naked to explore, dance, eat, and sometimes marry. Almost always they would outlive their husbands and eventually return to the sea.[1]


Pahari prided themselves on protecting the marine environment. They also opposed evil creatures at every opportunity. Sea hags were their nemesis.[1]

A kiss from a pahari granted the recipient the ability to breath underwater for a full day.[1]



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