A paitza was a warrant of safe passage through Tuigan lands in the Hordelands.[1] It served as a symbol of the khahans favor, leaving anyone who carried one free to roam the vast steppe unmolested.[2]


Paitzas were usually made from metal and measured roughly a foot in length and were several inches wide. The kind of metal used for a specific paitza was a symbol of the khahans favor, with more expensive metals signifying higher favor. A hole at one end was looped with a leather thong for easy attachment. The khahans personal seal, that of a tiger face, was inscribed onto the paitza along with a simple message.[2]


The lama Koja of Khazari was granted a golden paitza for his services to Yamun Khahan of the Tuigan Horde. He doubted it would be very useful after the khahan's death, however, and considered leaving it as a gift to the temple of Deneir in Procampur.[1]



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