The Palace of Loss was the abode of the goddess Shar, located on the Plane of Shadow,[2] before the Spellplague.


The Palace of Loss was a tower with neither windows nor doors. Only Shar's petitioners and servants knew the way to enter or exit the tower.[2][3]


Besides her servants and worshipers, within the tower were kept her prisoners who desired freedom above all else. Thus, Shar could enjoy their pain more fully.[2][3]


When the Great Wheel cosmology was the dominant view of the planes, the Palace of Loss was located in Niflheim, the second layer of Hades,[3][4][5] before it was relocated in the Plane of Shadow of the World Tree cosmology.[2]

After the Spellplague, the Palace of Loss was destroyed, leaving behind a gaping dark hole, much like an inverted tower, called the Foundation of Loss. The hole formed a magical portal to her new home in the Towers of Night in the Astral Sea. The Foundation was surrounded by a sense of sorrow so strong it could be felt, and the area attracted many evil beings of darkness from the Shadowfell.[6]




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