The Pale Tree was the divine realm of Solonor Thelandira, the elven god of archery,[1][2][3] though Solonor rarely remained in any one place for long,[2][3][4] as he was always on the hunt.[2][4]


The Pale Tree itself was a glorious white tree[1][2][3] located in the midst of a deep green grove.[1] It had silver leaves[1][2][3] and roots of a mud-like gray color[1] and grew far taller than any of the trees surrounding it.[3] Ropes and platforms were seamlessly built among the branches of the white tree.[3]

Beyond the grove was a region of deep forests[1] of redwood trees[3] and rapid streams[1]—all of which Solonor held as his domain.[1]


The realm was located in the greater realm of Arvandor, home of Seldarine,[1][3] in the thickest part of Arvandor's forests.[3]


Living atop the platforms of the Pale Tree's branches were the petitioners of Keen-Eye, along with others who chose to dwell there.[3] Wild elves inhabited the forests around the Pale Tree.[5]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

The elves believed that the white tree at the center of the grove had magical powers.[1][2] Some claimed that they served as an aphrodisiac; others believed that the leaves could cure ailments. In any case, the leaves were made into garlands or bouquets by those who could gain access to them.[1]




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