The pale green ioun stone was a unique ioun stone giving greater combat skill and fortitude.[1][2]


It was a pale-green ovoid stone.[1][2]


When attuned, the pale green granted increased ability to strike one's foes in battle and increased health versus wounds.[1][2]


The pale green ioun stone came about when the dying warrior Rigar Trueblood begged his companion, the mage Spectorial, to preserve his skill and fortitude in battle. Although reluctant, Spectorial acceded and extracted these qualities from Rigar's soul, placing them in an ioun stone so that others might benefit from them.[1][2]

It eventually fell into the possession of Pai'Na, a half-drow druid lurking in a giant spider nest beneath Athkatla's Graveyard District in 1368 DR.[2]



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