Pallidor was a wizard in Icewind Dale in 1485 DR.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Pallidor was the apprentice of Vaelish Gant] and a fellow member of reformed Arcane Brotherhood. He followed his master in his plot to conquer Icewind Dale but after arriving in Bryn Shander, Pallidor abandoned Vaelish, following a voice that called to him.

Under the voice's instruction, Pallidor recruited Baerick Hammerstone and his crew to make excavations in Kelvin's Cairn. There they discovered first black ice and later the corpse of Akar Kessell. Kessel, risen as a wight, explained that he was the voice that had guided Pallidor and possessed the young wizard to use as his vessel.

Pallidor likely died when an adventuring party defeated Kessel for good.[1]

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