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Palrethees were proud and ambitious tanar'ri demons thought to have failed in their quest for greater power and consequently set to burn for all eternity.[1]


Palrethees resembled tall, emaciated humanoids with blue or blood-red skin and white, bony, vestigial wings. Palrethee demons were easily identified by the fact that their entire bodies were covered in flames. The fire did not harm them, and they could change both the color and appearance of the flames at will. For example, they could make the flames hauntingly translucent, delicate blue-white, or simply fire-forge orange.[1]


Palrethees were thought to have been other types of demons that demonstrated extreme malice and sadism. They were arrogant creatures, but also deeply ambitious, desperate to acquire souls, magical knowledge, or any other form of currency that they could use to gain power.[1]


The demonic, ever-burning flames that surrounded a palrethee shielded them from harm, preventing others from getting too close lest they potentially catch fire. Unlike most tanar'ri, they were completely immune to fire, but at the same time (despite having the other typical tanar'ri resistances) they were also greatly vulnerable to cold-based attacks.[1]

Palrethees also possessed the spell-like abilities detect good, detect magic, and see invisibility, and could cast them at will. In addition, they could cause a 30‑foot (9.1‑meter) aura of fear once per day. Once each day, they could try and summon another palrethee, although this worked less than a third of the time.[1]


A palrethee (left), jovoc (right), and zovvut (back).

Despite possessing a number of abilities that could make combat enjoyable, palrethees deemed combat to be beneath them. If forced to fight, they first let loose a burst of fear to scatter as many enemies as possible before wading into melee, likely with a longsword they had set ablaze.[1]


Palrethees were used by balors as sergeants or messengers, who took great delight in reinforcing the palrethrees' subservient position.[1]


According to legends, palrethees were once demons that sought to become balors and rule the Abyss. However, despite their great evil, the would-be-balors failed a "trial by fire" and thus were sentenced to burn forever.[1]



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