Palter was a Netherese floating city.

It was established in 1217 NY. As the archwizard who controlled this enclave, Halavar established the laws guided the city. One such law was that everyone had to use magic in one form or another. He encouraged all entrepreneurs, smiths, and business owners to train their workers in the use of cantras. This aided the city’s inhabitants in creating one of the most magical of enclaves. His most famous device, Halavar’s universal pantograph, helped propel Palter into the forefront of magic use and availability, but it also caused Halavar a great number of enemies outside the enclave.

Though he was an archwizard, he left most of the rule to the constables and an elected council of seven members. This allowed Halavar to spend the majority of his time entertaining children and young adults with puppeteering. He fled his city when a group of arcanists and priests entered Palter to kill him, escaping only to be killed by bandits who wanted his device. The pantograph was never found, but its whereabouts have been theorized to be to the west of Netheril.


The Golden Age (1652-2653)Edit

Halavar was believed to have left clues scattered around the city as to the location of his pantograph, and the Golden Age of Netheril was the treasure-seeking age for Palter. Arcanists and archwizards alike came into the city in droves, purchasing buildings thought to hold the key to the location of the pantograph and then demolishing them in their efforts to find the clues. No one did.

The Age of Discovery and Beyond (2654+)Edit

As if the freewheeling wizards weren’t enough to keep architects, stonemasons, and other workers busy, the ancient blue dragon Lightningdance careened into the city under cover of darkness each spring from 2714 until 2976. Lightningdance never stopped to ravage the city, but instead breathed a trail of lightning across its streets on each visit, setting parts of the enclave aflame. A group of adventurers outsmarted Lightningdance in 2976, killing the dragon mid-breath as he sought another surprise raid on Palter.

When Netheril fell, the city of Palter crashed upon the rocks north of the Netheril River. The few survivors trudged their way south. Others went to find the other enclaves, but perished on the way.


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