The Pandemonium Stone was an ancient and extremely powerful artifact that existed in the Elemental Chaos.[1]


The Pandemonium Stone was a spire more than five hundred feet (152 meters) tall and more than one hundred feet (30 meters) in diameter. The spire was made of bone, flesh, ice, minerals, wind, wood, and other materials that were in a constant state of change. It was roughly hewn, and fire, lightning, thunder, and extreme cold flared and crop up around the structure intermittently and randomly. Sometimes intense white runes in an unknown script crawled across its surface.[2]

The Pandemonium Stone manifested randomly across the Elemental Chaos, popping into existence in a powerful eruption of various types of energies at different places and points of time. When the spire appeared, it called to the slaads, who gathered around it to bathe in its energy.[1]


Faerûnian sages were unsure of the Pandemonium Stone origins. Some believed the structure contained a sleeping and immensely powerful slaad lord. Others speculated that it was a batrachi artifact, and studied it to prove whether or not slaads were related to that amphibious progenitor race.[1] The gods and primordials themselves claimed not to have crafted it, although they knew of its existence since before the Dawn War.[2]

After the Spellplague, the primordial Bazim-Gorag claimed the Pandemoniun Stone as his domain, and went to the places where the Pandemoniun Stone appeared for longer periods of time to exert his influence over other slaads.[1]


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