Parnast was a village in the Savage Frontier in northwest Faerûn. It stood on the Dawn Pass Trail, between Weathercote Wood and the Greypeaks.

Secretly, a regional agent of the Moonstars was based here. They monitored the central Sword Coast lands, from the Delimbiyr Vale and the High Moor to the Winding Water and the Greypeaks.[1]


The Golden Tankard: A visitor can buy a mug of beer for 3 cp or a mug of strong mead for 1 sp. There's sausage on the menu as well as stewed cabbage and heavy black bread (4 cp for a plate full). The owner is Raggnar Redtooth. If asked about a place to sleep, Raggnar makes it clear that he isn't an innkeeper; there are no beds or rooms. The Golden Tankard takes its name from a magic item that Raggnar found years ago: a golden stein decorated with dancing dwarves and grain patterns. This is a Tankard of Plenty. Speaking the command word ("Illefarn") while grasping the handle fills the tankard with three pints of rich dwarven ale. This power can be used up to three times per day.

Shrine of Axes: A statue of Angharradh, an obscure elven deity representing spring, stands among statues of gods representing the other seasons, namely Auril (winter), Chauntea (summer), and Mielikki (autumn).

Village Well & Square: Timber merchants, woodsfolk, and others haggle over the finer lumber here, and wagons carry supplies. The well is 40 feet deep, cold, and pure.




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