Parrafaire was a demigod of nagas and the son of the greater deity, Shekinester.[2][4][6]

Description[edit | edit source]

Parrafaire was the guardian deity of the naga race. Specifically, the Naga Prince guarded magical secrets and places deep below the surface of Toril. Parrafaire did not try to fight off those who tried to discover such secrets, but instead would put their wisdom and wit to the test.[1]

His avatar appeared as a 10‑foot-long (3‑meter) winged water naga though his head was that of a human male. As per his holy symbol, his ears were feathered (as his wings were). He had a large gold band around his tail. Parrafaire did not have a fixed color in this form, and changed it as he willed.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Hidden Secrets was fond of creating mazes and traps.[1] He was said to have a light spirit, and enjoyed being a trickster deity.[5] However, he did not particularly care for the ethics of the traps he would lay, as he only wished to test the wit of those coming to find the secrets he knew of.[4]

The vain deity was prone to flattery.[4]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The avatar of Parrafaire was skilled in both illusion magic and thievery. He was mostly resistant to magic, and was fully immune to poison, paralysis, mind-control, illusory magic, and gases.[4]

The Prince of Hidden Secrets could access the following spells several times per day: maze, feeblemind, fear, and globe of invulnerability. He could lash out with a powerful bite, and the poison it was coated with could confuse his victims. He was greatly empowered by the ring around his tail, which acted as a ring of warmth and a ring of fire resistance.[4]

Divine Realm[edit | edit source]

Parrafaire dwelt on Carceri. The other deities who also made this plane their home generally did not like the presence of the Naga Prince. They felt as if he did not belong on such a plane.[7]

Activities[edit | edit source]

Parrafaire delighted in presenting cryptic clues to those who followed him.[1]

Worshipers[edit | edit source]

The Naga Prince did not have a large amount of worshipers, and thus he had no established church. However, essentially all nagas paid him homage.[1]

As great believers of guardianship, the Harmonium venerated Parrafaire.[8]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Parrafaire was born to Shekinester, the Naga Queen, and Jazirian, a fraction of the World Serpent.[6]

Despite serving his powerful mother, Parrafaire was also subservient to other deities. One such deity was Dumathoin, as both the Naga Prince and Dumathoin were associated with underground secrets.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Far before Parrafaire was born, the World Serpent was the greater deity of the scalyfolk. However, the World Serpent split into several different deities, each carrying a fraction of the power. Shekinester was one of the aspects that carried a large amount of the power, and gained a large following. Two other fragments of the World Serpent, Jazirian and Ssharstrune, began to court Shekinester, though she chose the former. Shekinester became pregnant with Jazirian's child, and Ssharstrune responded by attacking her. She was forced to devour him, but also took on the destructive element that had split the World Serpent in the first place. When Parrafaire was born, his mother expelled Ssharstrune's corpse. Parrafaire was tasked to hide away this corpse and the destructive element within, so that she could not split apart as the World Serpent had done. Parrafaire agreed to the task and was successful in disposing of Ssharstrune's corpse. After this, he venerated as the guardian of the nagas.[6]

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