Passwall was a transmutation spell that breached walls. The maximum thickness of the wall depended on the magical power of the caster.


The caster could create a passage through wooden, plaster, or stone walls, but not through metal or other harder materials. If the wall's thickness was too great, then a single casting of passwall simply made a niche or short tunnel. Several passwall spells could be cast in succession to form a continuing passage to breach very thick walls. When a passwall spell ended, creatures within the passage were ejected out the nearest exit. If someone dispelled the passwall effect, or if the caster dismissed it, creatures in the passage were ejected out the far exit if there was one, or out the sole exit otherwise.


The drow variant of the passwall spell could create passageways through solid stone and dirt, but it had a very short duration.[10]


The spell required verbal, somatic and material components. The material required was a pinch of sesame seeds.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Aksa the Destroyer in −2058 DR and was originally called Aksa's passage.[1]

Notable UsesEdit

During the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, Kyriani asked Khelben Arunsun to cast a passwall so she could escape Castle Waterdeep.[11]




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