Pathfinders are bold scouts of the unknown, rangers whose job it is to find pathways for others to follow. Pathfinders do this through their skills for perception but also through their battle prowess, which allows them to carve a path if none is available. For this purpose, pathfinders look to their weapons, typically two blades.[1]


In order to survive their dangerous treks through the wilderness, pathfinders hone their combat skills intensively. Very early on pathfinders learn to make the most of their physical capabilities, allowing them to go on long after others have collapsed or died. With more advanced training pathfinders become so confident in their abilities that they appear to grow more powerful with each blow they deal against their quarry. Additionally, since their role is that of a scout rather than a long-term combatant pathfinders rely on staying mobile throughout a battle.[1]

Pathfinders learn several exploits to help them forge new pathways, many of which rely on acting boldly with speed. With only a little bit of training pathfinders learn to use feints to trap their foes, striking them with one of their blades. When acting in coordination with an ally, pathfinders sometimes use act together which allows them to take advantage of their ally's bold moves to make one of their own. For a pathfinder the fight simply does not let up and when an experienced pathfinder is wounded they are known to sometimes simply shake off their wounds and dive straight into combat again, as though nothing had happened.[2]


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