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The Payits were one of the seven major ethnicities of humans in Maztica.[1]


Payits tended to be short but muscular. They were often described as having intense black eyes. They typically were industrious and practical, but proud of their cultural heritage. They were also slow to anger and quick to laugh, and had quick, open minds.[2]


The Payit people lived in the Maztican nation of Payit and the jungles of Far Payit. Those in Far Payit were called Itzas.[2]


The Payits were a peaceful, agricultural people. They had a strong tradition of wisdom and learning, and they highly respected men and women of learning. Their sages were especially knowledgeable about biology, astronomy, and mathematics. While education in villages tended to be practical, those who lived in cities could choose to study a great variety of things. They were also the only native culture that granted to same rights to women as to men.[2]

The Payits, like other Mazticans, worshiped the Maztican pantheon, especially Qotal. Those in Far Payit also revered Kukul. Unlike other Mazticans, the Payits did not practice human sacrifice.[2]


The Payits spoke their own language.[3]


Millenia before the rise of Nexal, the Payits had one of the greatest civilizations in Maztica. However, after the murder of a prince and princess, it mysteriously began to decline.[2]

Notable Payits[]



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