The Pearl was the Hamayarch to the Thultyrl, or ruler, of the city of Procampur in the Vast in the mid-13th century DR. Her true name, age and race were all unknown, though she appeared mostly human.


The Pearl was a tall and slender woman with snow-white hair, and a youthful, even teenaged, appearance despite her likely age. Her eyes were aquamarine and slanted. She habitually dressed with a wintry theme, in fine clothes and jewelry.

Rumors suggested that the Pearl had an elven or demonic heritage.[1]

The Pearl's appearance and nature may suggest she is in fact as aasimar.


As Hamayarch, the Pearl would have been an arcane magic-user of some kind,[2] and was the highest-ranking wizard in the court. As Hamayarch, she governed and regulated the magic-users of Procampur.

The Pearl apparently had the ability to manipulate fate and grant luck to people.


The Pearl's nature and history were a mystery to many, though some suspected she was a former "red-roof girl", as in Procampur's red-roofed Adventurers' District (that is, an adventurer, or a possibly a prostitute).

However, she became a Hamayarch and served three generations of Thultyrls by the mid-13th century DR. In this position, she strictly regulated Procampur's magic-users, and largely discouraged the practice.

In the Year of Burning Steel, 1246 DR, the current Thultyrl chose to liberate the neighboring city of Tsurlagol from a horde of orcs, goblinoids and other marauders, led by the orc warlord Fottergrim. However, the Pearl believed that the Thultyrl was destined to die young, at the age of 26 and early in his reign, in battle against Fottergrim before the walls of Tsurlagol. Instead, he was wounded on his hunting trip (an event perhaps orchestrated by the Pearl). The Pearl secretly prevented his wounds from healing to keep him away from the frontlines and Fottergrim, believing that he would go on to become a good king and complete the Great Codex of Procampur's laws. Tsurlagol was liberated regardless.[1]

The date of 1246 DR was not included in the novel Crypt of the Moaning Diamond due to editing error. It was mentioned by author Rosemary Jones, here.


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